Once the dominant race on the planet orcs quickly receeded to two remote islands when magic disappeared. Their people were giving in to a bloodlust and a mutation they had never faced. Orcs were turning into beastly were things, shapeshifters that personified their inner rage. Many fell prey to this and were slain by their kin, many more escaped into the wilderness. The remaining sane orcs gathered around a spiritual leader who realized their only hope was a disciplined mind. She meditated and taught her people to meditate as well. This grew into what the monks are to this day. A small schism happened midway through the thousand year magic draught, a disagreement in philosophy. One side believed in purity of the body and purity of the mind. To perfect ones self in and out. The other believed this was a path to stagnation, instead they chose a path to enlightenment through creativity and ingenuity. While one order trained in the way of unarmed combat and sparse living, the other trained in the way of the blade and lead a still sparse but much more comfortable life. One side has poetry, the other an appreciation for nature that can only come from true inner peace.

The sword orcs each have their own unique sword style or katas. An expression of their individuality. While there are only a few real styles they pride themselves on taking these styles and making them their own, through the use of different moves, a new weapon or simply some new distinct flourishes.

When magic returned many of the way of the sword simply up and left. Suddenly gripped by what felt to be a physical draw out into the world. To reclaim what they lost. Some so lost themselves that they slipped back into their raging ways, though with magic returned a few of steely will discovered they had some control over the beast within. As the orcs fanned out once more over the planet they have found their way into just about every other society and they have formed a few new outposts of their own. Taking up residence In the broken isles and a few seeking adventure in the lands of the Aztec elves

Magic has split the orcish societies. Once magical in nature orcs lost something when magic was taken from them. Now that magic has returned they seek to recapture that. Many have abandoned their old disciplines to dive headfirst into the arcane arts. This has lead to varying results with many of what other races might consider evil magics (blood magic, pact magic etc.) to be somewhat commonplace amongst orcs. They do not specialize in any one thing, instead they pursue it with a reckless abandon gaining power any way they can manage. The other side of the coin are those that have held on to their discipline. They tend to pursue wizardry with the same steely discipline that they pursue perfection , leading to potent, if unimaginative, wizards.

Needlessly complex background info

The rage orcs experienced came from their being the oldest sentient race on the planet. They has been using and saturate with magic for so long that it’s removal caused a literal chemical imbalance in their brains, which resulted in the rage. Modern orcs have enough generational separation that there is little, if any, chance of them succumbing to the ancient rage, but as a culture the orcs believe if control is lost that is what will happen. Though the modern orcs still have a fierce temper that they always work to control, the true blind rage of their ancient brothers is a thing of the past.

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