Evolved african open-billed storks. Very long legs, central bodies, long arms with long thin digits, tall necks. Feathers tend to be black and ribbons or strips of fabric are often weaved through pinions.

Enigmatic and mysterious the kenku are understood by very few people. They are an avian species and thus their emotions translate poorly to other non avian species, which is to say, everyone. The truth of the matter is that they are a downright jovial and mischievous people. They love to live, love, joke, laugh and prank all in equal measure. Though they have no true homeland to call their own, Kenku exist on the outskirts of just about every society on the planet, whether they are wanted or not. They can even be found in the depths of the elven forests or at the borders of the theocracy.

Kenku often travel in “flocks” and rarely alone. They get around in caravans that tend to be dressed up in bright multi colored silks that are draped with all manner of strange fetishes and trinkets.

Kenku have many festivals and share these joyously with the other races of the world, though many do not know what the significance of the festival is they do know that there is much fun to be had at a Kenku gathering. Kenku festivals differ from event to event but usually there is music, food, games of chance and performances galore.

Unless one has done something to truly upset the bird people, anyone is welcome at the fireside of a kenku. They welcome travelers of all race and creed.
The kenku believe that the body is just a vessel for something greater. They believe that once a person dies their spirit has moved on and the body is no longer that person. As such they have no problem salvaging trinkets and on rare occasions even meat from their fallen comrades. It is not any great honor or event to eat the body of a fallen friend, but instead it is usually an act of necessity.

Always the enigmatic race few people really notice the effect magic has had on the kenku. The kenku see magic as both a way to make their traveling ways easier and an opportunity to enhance their performances. Kenku have taken to the school of illusion as a fish to water. They love to create illusions of both image and sound. Truly skilled kenku artists usually mix bardic ability with illusion magic to truly grand effect. Whole orchestras or grand plays all from a single artist. They constantly gather and share their craft amongst each other, and with a choice few outsiders.

Kenku religious leaders have taken on a far more literal role since magic returned. It was always said that a Kenku priest would shepherd his flocks souls to the afterlife, but now it is literal. When kenku die, most pass on without issue. Though, those of a particularly strong will and love of life remain on the mortal coil. Kenku priests must ferry these poor souls to their final destination to be judged and passed on.

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