Physical Characteristics

Halflings grow to only 3 feet in height and tend toward slim, long legged builds. They have pointed ears, though proportionally no larger than a human’s, that faintly resemble the ears of a deer in their shape. Skin tones tend to be a dark almond color, though lighter shades are found in the more northerly land of Adeon. Hair tends toward light browns and dirty blondes, though darker and lighter tones are not terribly uncommon.


Within the home halflings have a strong attachment to family, with large families living very close, if not in the same building. Nearly everyday is spent with family in some fashion, and every night there is a large, boisterous dinner. This attachment to family has given rise to a nearly religious ancestor veneration, extra places will be set at the table for dead family members as well as candles or small gifts left below the tapestries hung in the home of the deeds of accomplished ancestors. These tapestries are created using a very unique aspect of halfling culture, tattooing.

Rather than being strictly cosmetic or religious like the tattoos of other cultures, halfling tattoos are a combination of the two, with a healthy dash of personal identity added in. To a halfling their tattoos are a vital part of their personal and cultural identity, the greatest of their accomplishments and adventures etched in their skin for all to see. When they come of age all halflings have their first tattoo done, one that identifies their family line and parents, the location of this starter tattoo is always hotly debated within the family before a child comes of age, as some locations are considered traditional, or possibly lucky for different family lines. After their first tattoo most halflings leave home to travel, succumbing to the natural wanderlust of their people, seeking great adventures and deeds worthy of adding to their tattoo.

After their period of wandering, which can last any length of time but is about 75 years on average, halflings return to their families to settle down and having children of their own, as well as help to care for aging relatives. In their late life a halflings life-long complex tattoos are painstakingly drawn out by highly skilled artists, these drawings are then used to create the colorful tapestries hung in halfling homes to honor the dead. The tapestries also serve as a representation of the greatness of a single family, garnering respect from other halflings, which is another motivator for young halflings to adventure.

In their own lands halflings are primarily a farming people, having developed highly advanced irrigation technology that allows them to farm where the land is less hospitable or the crops would not normally survive. Production of crop based products, like wine or vegetable oils, also makes up a large portion of halfling jobs. Building is also something at which halflings excel, building tall and sturdy structures that are able to withstand extreme weather and even less severe natural disasters like earthquakes.


Halflings posses, in addition in their strong wanderlust, very quick minds and wits. As a people they excel at just about anything they put their minds to, though they see this more as a hobby than anything else. They take up a craft or a job, work at it till they know it well, then usually abandon it. Unless the skill or job truly interests them they shrug it off like so much clothing. They focus mainly on maintaining their lands and living comfortably, they care little for expansion though there are certainly those that think otherwise.

Attitude Toward Magic

The Halflings pursue magic to the extent that they pursue everything else, with a steadfast determination. They often choose to specialize in any one focus of magic and work hard to master it. They work hard and have developed some of the more potent wizards on the planet.


The halflings are a peaceful people, and though they control a fairly large amount of land they have no tenancies toward expansion. With a large portion of the population traveling the world at any given time there are rarely problems with over-crowding. The standing army of the halflings is tiny, only made up of the few who have determined that military tactics are their true passion in life, however were a war to start huge portions of the halfling population will volunteer for military service. Other nations in the world are generally friendly toward halflings, and a halfling coming to a town is usually regarded as a happy event, as they are likely to help out with whatever problems the village may have, from monsters to leaky roofs.

Mysterious Origins

The origins of the halfling race have fallen into the mists of time, with most people just shrugging of how the diminutive race came to be. In the ancient days before magic was taken from the world, the mages who sought to become gods created a people in their own image using a common creature as a base to build from, the common deer. This is the reason for the largely unexplainable shape of halflings ears as well as their inability to digest most types of meat.

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