Tam of Telamon's Crossing

Scholarly type, with a huge sword.




Tam is an elderly man in his late fourties. Self-educated and thoughtful, the majority of his life has been spent herding sheep and raising a family. Now, with the last of his four children in their own homes and his wife long dead, he has picked up the sword and joined the paladins of Joran in order to support his ideals and to see the world.

These ideals were soon tested in an ethical dispute with an elder cleric of his order. Rather then expel Tam from the order, who could justify his actions with the tenets he was sworn by, the ruling body desided to confinscate the paladin’s sheild, which had been gifted to him on the completion of his training. Dishonored but not discouraged, Tam continues to go where the order sends him and defends the right for all creatures to live freely and better themselves as they wish.

Tam of Telamon's Crossing

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