Brother Loquehand

A sea weathered young man with the bearing of a soldier.


The child that would become ‘Brother Loquehand’ was born to a family of merchants. Growing up on the oceans meant that the boy was climbing rigging and masts before he ever set foot on solid land. At the age of 12, while walking through the marketplace of the port his parent’s vessel was visiting, he ended up in a fight with a well dressed young man nearly his own age, the squire of a visiting paladin.

The boys were separated by the paladin before they caused too much damage, though to her surprise, the merchantman’s son had been soundly winning, using his agility developed from years aboard ship to good use in the crowded street. Dragging the raggedly dressed boy to his parents, she asked, and received permission, to take the boy to her chapter house to train. While the boy leaped at the opportunity to learn more of combat, his parents gratefully accepted anything that would teach the boy discipline.

Several years later, in a ceremony where he took his place as a paladin of the War Goddess Kuzan, the young man accepted his new name of Brother Loquehand as one of the orders most promising recruits. While he served his duties well enough, his extra-curricular activities landed him in a bit of trouble, as well as raising the displeasure of several of his superiors. These events had him shipped, along with several others in low esteem, to serve on a pirate hunter along one of the major trade routes.

A little over a year later, a vision was been received of possible important happenings in the area of a small sleepy village in the middle of nowhere. While the initial investigation by several of the order’s best and brightest (as well as the same from many other orders) had turned up nothing, there was still the possibility of something happening. So Brother Loquehand was reassigned to keep watch over the small town, believed to be the perfect choice by many of his superiors.

After all, nobody wanted to stay stuck in a boring little village waiting for something to happen, and if something did happen, they wanted someone capable of handling thing to be present.

And if nothing ended up happening, at least the Loquehand wouldn’t be able to cause trouble for the order there.

Brother Loquehand

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